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          Yantai Bearing Instrument Co,.Ltd
          Yantai bearing instrument co., LTD. Has won the title of famous brand in shandong province.
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          Recently, the yantai bearing instrument co., LTD. Main products of crystallization brand bearing testing instrument was rated as "shandong famous brand product in 2008", at the same time, the company's technology research and development department has also been identified as "yantai technology development center".
          As the birthplace and production research base of China bearing instrument, yantai bearing instrument co., LTD is always at the forefront of scientific research and production of high-tech and high-performance bearing instruments. In the fierce market competition, enterprises increasingly feel that to win the competition, they must strictly control the quality of products and meet the personalized needs of users and strengthen technological innovation. For this reason, yantai bearing instrument co., LTD. Has been focusing on these two tasks for many years. Such as surrounding products production, the company carrying out the labor competition, such as job training, technical duration, mentoring education activities, these activities are carried out, not only improve the quality of the products of the company and to strengthen the staff cohesion and centripetal force of the enterprise, but also created a group of skilled employees: Two employees successively obtained "shandong provincial chief technician" and "yantai city chief technician" honorary title. Work for strengthening technological innovation, yantai bearing instrument co., LTD is held  science and technology progress the commendation congressonce every two years,, at the same time to carry out in small little innovation, invention, modification, design, reasonable Suggestions on technology innovation activities.The effect of these activities is obvious. Since 2004, the company has held three sessions of scientific and technological progress recognition. On average, more than 40 new products have been awarded, more than 20 technical innovation projects have been completed, and the technical research and development work has been completed successfully, satisfying the personalized needs of customers.
          At present, the global financial crisis, mechanical industry more hit big background, the yantai bearing instrument co., LTD. will adhere to the "quality enterprise development, continuous innovation" the management idea, strives for the survival by the quality, seek development by innovation, create a new situation of the harmonious development of enterprises.